Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Inspired Makeup!

watch the tutorial live:
Okay, so let me first start off by saying- "I'm sorry!" It has been FOREVER since I have posted anything on here, let alone an overview of a makeup look. Since I really have nothing to do, I remembered that I have been neglecting my blog, so here I go! I had my significant other Sheldon come up with a bunch of colour combinations because I personally wasn't feeling too creative and white he was naming off a bunch of colours to me I decided to throw in "Red, White & Green" since Christmas technically is right around the corner. I've been doing a lot of "boring" looks you could say, nothing was really, well for a lack of better words 'me'. So I wanted this look to be pretty dramatic, so I knew I wanted to do a cut crease, which if you didn't know is my specialty ;). The eyes were actually really simple to do, I only used 6 colours total.
I used NYX White E/S, Wild Cherry by Kryolan and used it wet. Then I took the colour Kid by MAC very lightly above my crease, then I lined above the red and white with the colour Blackberry from the same Viva palette the red was in, after that I went over that gray/black colour with the colour Humid by MAC, it's gorgeous dark green colour. I then blended that colour in, after I blended the top of Humid and added my highlight which was the colour White again by NYX, I used the colour Bough Grey by MAC to diffuse Humid, so it blended in better with the white highlight. Since I couldn't find my tape (which literally ended up being RIGHT next to me, but I overlooked it like 7 times LOL) I used Milk Jumbo Pencil by NYX to highlight the straight edge of the eye. On my face I used the contour/ bronzing powder from my ELF face duo, to contour and slim down my face, then I highlighted the high points of my face with Luna Cream Colour Base by MAC. Lips I used my OCC lip tar in Tone ( I think, the name rubbed off, so I'm not 100% sure of what it is) and on top of that I used my lipgloss by Estee Lauder in the colour Golden Goddess ( That is the most STUNNING lip combo on the face of the earth if you have pale skin like myself. In case anyone wants to know- on my face foundation wise I used my List Watier Portfolio Corrector Wheel, Cover FX foundation in E0 down the middle of my face, and my Stila One Step Foundation around the rest of my face. I'm obviously the colour Fair.

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